JAI cameras for government, aerospace, defense and surveillance.

A trusted choice in ground systems, airborne systems and advanced research projects for more than 25 years.

When reliable performance is critical, designers of electro-optical systems rely on JAI.

Proven track record

JAI’s experience with aerospace, defense and surveillance systems spans over two decades covering projects in North America and around the world. Our cameras keep everything from ground vehicles to commercial airliners aware of their surroundings; give pilots real-time head-up data; identify faces in the crowd or at entry gates; and much more.

Cameras built to perform

Selected for their high speed, high resolution, compactness, and sturdy construction, JAI cameras include models with extended operating temperatures from -45˚C to +70˚C, high shock and vibration ratings, and resolutions up to 45-megapixels, enabling system designers to meet the challenges of accuracy and reliability under the most rigorous conditions.

Prism and multispectral technology for advanced imaging

JAI’s industry-leading prism technology provides unique multi-sensor, multispectral capabilities with a common optical path for perfect alignment of all wavebands. Standard single-sensor models span the spectrum from UV to NIR, and offer high dynamic range (HDR) functions, automatic level control (ALC), and other capabilities well-suited to the outdoor and day/night conditions typical of applications in these markets.

Supporting a range of specialized application requirements

With years of experience supporting demanding defense, aerospace, and homeland security applications, JAI possesses a thorough understanding of both the technical requirements and the business processes. For U.S.-based projects, JAI is both SAM and DDTC registered, experienced with DX and DO contracts, and fully versed in handling ITAR requirements as needed. Outside the U.S., JAI applies the same dedication to ensuring you have the right product and the right process for a successful project.

The company’s global presence includes a combination of U.S.-based and international design, manufacturing, and service capabilities - enabling world-class innovation with exceptional responsiveness to the needs of the government, aerospace, defense, and surveillance sectors. Using a combination of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) cameras and custom product or process modifications, JAI helps builders of electro-optical systems build innovative solutions that win bids and deliver results.

Typical government, aerospace, defense and surveillance applications

Advanced EO research projects

Advanced camera technologies from multispectral to polarization are used by various government labs and research facilities in the development of new vision-based solutions across many industries.

Head-up displays (HUD)

JAI cameras are part of systems that give pilots visual access to critical flight information while allowing them to focus their attention outside the cockpit for potential conflicts or threats.

Situational awareness

Vehicle-mounted cameras let crews in tanks and other armored vehicles monitor their surroundings at all times, and are also used on aircraft to avoid blind spots when taxiing, backing, or parking at the gate.

Facial recognition

Cameras offering combinations of high-speed and high resolution enable the capture of clear and detailed images required by advanced identification systems.

Aircraft landings

Enhanced vision systems utilize multispectral capabilities to recognize runway environments in darkness, smoke, haze, rain, fog and other low visibility conditions.

Border and entry surveillance

Remote lens control, HDR functions, auto-exposure control, ROI capabilities, NIR sensitivity, and other advanced features can be utilized in specialized vision systems to secure borders, entry gates, and other sensitive areas.

Cameras for government, aerospace, defense and surveillance systems

Below are listed a few of the most popular JAI camera choices for aerospace, defense, surveillance, and advanced government research systems. Contact JAI for more options.

Spark Series SP-45000-CXP4

45-megapixel CMOS area scan

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Go Series GO-5000-PMCL

5 MP 1" CMOS area scan

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Fusion Series FS-3200D-10GE

3.2 MP multispectral prism area scan

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Spark Series SP-20000

20 MP, 30 fps CMOS area scan

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Go Series GO-5100MP-USB

5 MP, 74 fps polarization camera

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Go Series GO-2401-PGE

Compact 2.35 MP CMOS area scan

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