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Single-sensor and multi-sensor line scan cameras. Monochrome and color

JAI’s extensive product offering includes color line scan cameras featuring prism technology with multiple CCD or CMOS linear sensors delivering high performance color/NIR imaging solutions for high-speed web/continuous applications such as print verification, tile inspection, food/fruit sorting, and more. Also monochrome line scan cameras with ultra fast scan rates.

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Line Scan Single Sensor Monochrome Sw 4000 M Product Card 115X90Px

Single-Sensor Monochrome

Monochrome CMOS sensor line scan cameras with an excellent combination of high resolution and fast scan rates. Resolutions up to 8192 pixels and line rates up to 200 kHz. (Sweep Series)

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Line Scan Trilinear Color Sw 4000 Tl Product Card 115X90Px

Trilinear color

Trilinear cameras deliver outstanding color line scan performance for applications that don't require the ultimate color precision provided by JAI’s prism technology. (Sweep Series)

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Line Scan 3 Sensor R G B Lt 400 Cl F Product Card 115X90Px

3-Sensor R-G-B (Prism)

3-sensor CMOS R-G-B color line scan cameras with state-of-the-art prism technology providing the best possible performance, precision, and versatility for line scan color imaging. (Sweep+ Series)

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Line Scan 4 Sensor R G B Nir Lq 401 Cl Product Cards 115X90Px

4-Sensor R-G-B+NIR (Prism)

4-sensor line scan cameras designed to simultaneously capture R-G-B image data in the visible light spectrum and image data in the near infrared (NIR) light spectrum. (Sweep+ Series)

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Line Scan Two Sensor Swir Wa 1000 D Cl Product Card 115X90Px

2-Sensor SWIR (Prism)

Prism based dual-sensor InGaAs line scan camera for Short Wave InfraRed (SWIR) light. (Wave Series)

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